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Il caffè…

Italians love their coffee. We are certainly not slouches in the coffee department either, so while in Italy we have taken advantage of the high quality of the espresso and macchiato made here.  On occasion we have had a cappuccino or a caffe latte but find them too milky and lacking in coffee taste. Two notable exceptions are the Cappuccino made by Dani at Hotel Aetna 316 in Catania, and Guiseppe of Cafe del Porto (also owner of Il Vicolo B & B, highly recommended) in Milazzo.

Coffee, of course, goes hand in hand with pastries and Andrew and I have sampled our share along the way.We are particularly fond on things with ricotta or chocolate or nuts, especially pistachio. But we are not averse to the odd croissant either. Here are some snaps of the varieties of cups and coffee brands that have fueled us through Italy.


Macchiato at a train station bar

Perfect Cappuccino at Cafe del Porto Milazzo with fresh OJ and croissants

Due Macchiate

The trifecta of pastries – ricotta, chocolate and nuts

Macchiato with funky spoon

Espresso in a disposable cup

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