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Our final week in Italy saw us traveling from the Aeolian Islands via ship to Naples, then on to Rome for another stay with ‘i cugini’.  The Siremar ship from Lipari was an overnight trip that departed at 9.30pm and arrived in Naples the next morning.

We called into the port at the active Volcanic island of Stromboli at about 10.30 and were delighted by a light show when we were pulling away from the island. The volcano was grumbling and throwing a beautiful orange glow into the sky above.  This continued every few minutes until we were too far away to see it any more.

The voyage was smooth enough, but I felt a bit green whenever I lifted my head from the bunk.  But in the morning we could see Capri and the Amalfi Coast and, as we were then in the gulf of Naples, the rocking slowed a bit.  On arrival in Naples we stored our bags for the day and headed for the city to see the sights of Spaccanapoli, Santa Lucia & Chiara and Toledo, eat sfogliatelli, indulge in Pizza and beer, and generally enjoy the crazy chaos that is Napoli!


Futbol rules

Maybe pizza rules? The classic Margherita.

The ubiquitous Padre Pio - revered throughout Southern Italy

At the end of our big day in Naples we headed for Rome. Laundry, repacking and a little sightseeing were on the agenda. We did Rome once by night, accompanied by Manu, Giulia and Pasquale.

'I cugini' - Manu and Giulia - on the Rome Metro

Pas - on the Rome Metro looking at us like we are just a little bit crazy!

And we did Rome another time by day with Giulia who probably enjoyed the English cemetery more than is healthy for a 20-something woman! But we each found something  quite surprising that captured us. For me it was the grave on Gregory Corso, Beat poet.

Gregory Corso - buried in Rome near Shelley and Keates

La Boca de la Verita - cugina Giulia

More Religiose

I have been so fortunate to have ten weeks travelling in Italy with my big sister Annie then with my husband Andrew. We have been constantly amazed at the wonderful people we have met. Italy will continue to be a passion for me and I vow to continue my study of the language.

Thanks  go Giulia, Manu, Pasquale, Marina, Alice, Cinzia, Ilaria, Giovanni and Maria-Luisa in Rome.  And thanks to Walter, Adriana, Stefano, Sabrina and Anna-Maria in Roseto degli Abruzzi.

It was hard to leave Rome and say “arreviderci” to our cousins, so we just said “ci vediamo” – see you later.

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We spent the afternoon at Ercolano, a suburb of Naples which contains the preserved city that was caked in Vesuvian mud in 79AD.

The site is easy to find. Get off the Circumvesuviana train at Ercolano Scavi and walk down the hill to the entrance.

Ercolano was, in a word, Incredible!  The state of preservation of the buildings and the architectural detail and decoration was really hard to believe. Work continues to uncover additional buildings and artefacts.





Incredibly preserved mosaic work



Mosaic detail



Tiled walkway



Cornice detail



Bits of columns


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