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It was strange to go to Sorrento again without Annie but I wanted to show Andrew some of our haunts: Bouganvillea for the amazing Profumo di Sorrento gelato, Inn Bufalito for the slow cooked Buffalo meat ragu, the Marina Grande where we spend many a fine hour, Sorrento Lingue where we spent a week studying, and various lookout points around the coast.

Andrew and I also visited Pompeii and were blown away by the scale of it all. Pompeii pictures follow:

Pompeii - decoration in entry hall

Pompeii - close up of wall decoration

Pompeii - narrow lane

Pompeii - Ampitheatre

Pompeii - Columns!

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We spent the afternoon at Ercolano, a suburb of Naples which contains the preserved city that was caked in Vesuvian mud in 79AD.

The site is easy to find. Get off the Circumvesuviana train at Ercolano Scavi and walk down the hill to the entrance.

Ercolano was, in a word, Incredible!  The state of preservation of the buildings and the architectural detail and decoration was really hard to believe. Work continues to uncover additional buildings and artefacts.





Incredibly preserved mosaic work



Mosaic detail



Tiled walkway



Cornice detail



Bits of columns


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