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Geez, it sure looks like we made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Greece. Ah, that must mean we are in Agrigento, Sicily.

It was dark when we arrived, but the Doric temples dating back to the first, second and third centuries BC, are eerily lit and visible on the ridge that stretches from the town of Agrigento towards the sea. In the morning, we visited the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) which surely must have been one of the most magnificent settlements of ‘Magna Graecia’,

Some days I feel like everyone is speaking Greek. Being a Sunday morning we had trouble finding an open Tabacchio (tobacco shop where one usually purchases local bus tickets). We had huge hassles finding anyone who knew where to buy a bus ticket to the valley or where we could locate a bus stop once we had a ticket. Even the ticket seller at a random long distance bus company wasn’t sure where to wait for it.  So we thought ask a traffic cop.  She pointed us to the back of the new long distance bus station. Some old guy chatting with me said he didn’t think the bus came there.  So we walked to the train station because we had seen buses coming from there with the right numbers (1, 2, 3) and figured they would have to go back eventually. After about an hour of stuffing around, a bus came.  It was a 4 kilometre bus ride and we could have walked it in the time we waited…

You would think that one of the most visited sites in Sicily would be better organised.  If the UNESCO folks are reading this (unlikely), maybe some of the site funding could go to a bus stop sign near the train station? Thanks guys.

So, was it worth the effort? Oh yes indeed it was. And thanks to our fabulous hosts at camera a sud for a charming B&B stay. We had booked elsewhere online the day before, but when we turned up to the booked B&B we were told there was a problem. The lovely Marco escorted us to camera a sud. All’s well that ends well.

The remains of the Temple of Heracles

The well preserved Temple of Concordia

The remains of the Temple of Juno

The remains of the Temples of Castor and Pollux - re-assembled

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