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Well, all good things must come to an end.  But that doesn’t mean there is no more fun to be had. This will be my final post on this site but you can follow my ‘kinda’ regular blog at ML Tucker at Large.

I tend to go on about food, what I’m reading, live performances, festivals, art, travel, cycling and anything else that is prominent in my mind. You can register to get posts in your inbox just like you have done for this site…I look forward to your comments.

So, after my fabulous ‘Ten Weeks in Italy’ and Andrew’s fabulous (I hope) five weeks, we flew, via a long day in London, to Singapore.  When we got settled into the plane in Rome we were advised that we would have to wait to take off as no flights were landing in London due to fog.  We eventually departed 45 minutes late, just late enough to cause us to miss our connection to Singapore.  On arrival in London we were told we had been re-booked on the evening flight to Singapore, 11 hours after our scheduled flight.  This meant that instead of arriving at Singapore at 7.30 am we would arrive at 6.30 pm, losing a whole day of our meager 3 days.  Because we didn’t have any winter clothes with us (they were packed in checked-in backpacks) we couldn’t even go spend the day in freezing London! Lunch at the River Cafe was so close…

It’s times like this I am glad that I have kept my Qantas Club membership up to date.  We were able to use the club all day with food, drink, showers etc., all there at our disposal.  We both helped ourselves to a fine Chicken Korma at lunch time and a few other treats on offer (French wines, beer, crazy flavoured crisps).

We must be in London - the cheddar and red onion were very authentic, I thought

Oh, and the news had just broken of the latest Royal engagement so all the TVs in the lounge were a-buzz with the Royal-watchers speculating on everything from the dress to the cake to the location to the date of the wedding.

Singapore was a first for me and Andrew had not been for over 20 years.  We had lost a day of sightseeing and British Airways had lost our bags, so first stop was to go get some suitable clothes for Andrew for the weather.  I had fortunately packed my bathing suit and a few changes of shorts/t-shirts for the Singapore part of the trip, in my carry-on.  After shopping it was food time.  We are not great shoppers but we are great eaters.  Here are some of our meals.

Roti with curry sauce in Little India - Singapore

Way too much food - but delish - Chinatown - Singapore

And the next day we visited the famous Singapore Zoo.  We were not disappointed.  Highlights were breakfast with the Orangutans, the white tigers and the beautiful tropical rain-forest setting, but  it’s all a delight. We drank plenty of water and an energy drink as the humidity was very high. And a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, as you do…

A few favourite pictures from the day follow:

Mother and baby Orangutans - Singapore

Roo and a close relative - Singapore

Orchids at the zoo - Singapore

Singapore is an amazing blend of cultures and seems to operate pretty well.  We enjoyed our few days there and hope to use it as a stopover again, or as a start and end point for some travels in South East Asia. Ah, but that will be another blog…

Holy Cow - A Hindu temple in Chinatown - Singapore

Arab Town in the old colonial section of Singapore

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